Sunday, January 13, 2019

BookArtObject is on Instagram!

Hello friends, it's been a while but BookArtObject is back, with Edition Five!  Ten of the founding members of the BookArtObject collective are collaborating on artists books in response to the work of Australian poet John Bennett.  John's interest in birds ties in beautifully with Kate Gorringe-Smith's multi-faceted art project The Overwintering Project, so we're taking wings and flying away with a new edition of ten books about birds.

Curlew country, near Urunga, NSW

You will find occasional posts about Edition Five here, but you're now more likely to find us on Instagram!  Search for @bookartobject or the hashtags #bookartobject and #edition5.  You can also link to the participating artists:

Angela Callanan @preciousbirdy
Amanda Watson-Will @amandalww
Anna Mavromatis  @annamavromatis
Avril Makula  @avrilmakula
Caren Florance @ampersandduck
Cindy Tonkin  @cindytonkin
Fiona Dempster  @fiona.dempster1
Rhonda Ayliffe  @ronnie.ayliffe 
Robyn Foster  @robfos 
Sara Bowen  @saracbowen 


Elephant's Child said...

I hope all of your books soar.

Sara Bowen said...

Thank you :-)

Papergail said...

On an unrelated topic Sara was it easy to set up the blog so that other people could post? I haven't been blogging for ages mostly just instagram lately but we are trying to find an avenue for sharing images of a group project that technophobes can access.

Sara Bowen said...

Hello!!! Yes, blogging is fairly easy, so is Flickr for photo-sharing. People just have to be able to navigate the log-in process, I guess. BAO uses Instagram and that has been popular: fewer words and more immediate, and we all have a log-in to the group account. Flickr has been less well used, but is still a valuable online catalogue of our work. Blogging is good, but requires more effort to set up and more effort to keep the dialogue going - once we started running out of time, the blog became noticeably quieter. Those are my thoughts - hope they're useful!

Papergail said...

Thank you Sara,
exactly what we are looking for, we have a bit of a problem in that some don't want their work to be seen by others apart from us and don't want to go near Facebook and probably don't even know about Instagram ( I might be being a bit harsh there) Anyway we are going to try Trello see how that goes.
I'd better check you out on Insta, I was part of maybe number two BAO.
Thanks for your help