BookArtObject has grown from 8 artists to over 50 artists in a very short time!  Some of you have been around for all of our editions so far, and some of you are new.  As the editions change and artists dip in and out of the projects different questions and issues pop up.  This page is designed to help members of the BookArtObject collective get as much as they can out of the experience of being part of the group.

Blog posts

One of the reasons why BookArtObject has a following is that everyone wants to read about book arts, and the quality of work we produce together and in our private arts practice is extremely high!  We're far more than 'just another swap project' (don't get me wrong, I like swap projects, but this isn't one).  We're a lively bunch of extremely interesting and intelligent people, and our blog followers love to read about our thought processes, our research, our how-to's and don't-do's, and our progress in relation to BookArtObject editions.  If you need to ask a question or point out an issue, then you should write an email rather than make a blog post: that way the blog administrators can deal with any problems without overwhelming the blog with extra posts.  If you need help, email Group Admin here, and time zones permitting we'll get right back to you!


Now that so many of us are taking part in the collective, it can be a bit confusing to know who is saying what!  It would help a lot if you can use meaningful titles for your posts, and identify yourself in the course of writing.


In the sidebar of the blog you've probably noticed a tag/label cloud, which is the searchable list of tags/labels from every post.  Tags = labels, so from now on I'm going to refer to them as labels, which is how Blogger refers to them.  All posts must have labels!  That way we and our readers can find them easily.  Please put your name and your group number in the labels box which is located in the bottom right hand corner of the blog post window.  You may also like to choose from some of the other tags which you will find if you click on "Show All" next to the labels box in the blog window.  Try not to create new labels if you can find an existing one that works!  The label cloud is huge and I'm going to be working through blog posts slowly, re-labelling them if I can, in the hope that we can reduce the size of the label cloud... it could take a while!

Group Co-ordinators
It seems like a good idea for groups to have the benefit of the experience of people who've been through a couple of editions with BookArtObject, so we've set up co-ordinators.  You should have received (or be about to receive) an email giving you the contact details of your group co-ordinator.  You may never need to email them, but they're your first port of call if you have a problem.  Give them a little while to get back to you, though, because they may be a loooooong way away.

Group Administration
There are several Group Administrators who have the final say about the content and format of the blog, and they can be reached by email.  This email isn't for trivialities, or for problems within your group (please try your group co-ordinator first!), but it is for the big issues.  Group Adminstrators are also spread around the world and will probably take a little while to get back to you, but they'll have a go.


It goes without saying that we're all lovely people, otherwise we wouldn't want to be part of BookArtObject!  Sometimes we will disagree with each other and I hope we can trust each other to act appropriately when that happens.  Making personal, offensive or derogatory comments about another person, either in a blog post or in a comment, is known as 'flaming' and will not be tolerated.  Such posts or comments will be removed by an administrator.  We will try our best to resolve any issues between members in a quiet, calm and sensible manner away from the blog, but it may be necessary to cancel membership of the blog and the projects if a member persistently offends.  This sounds really serious, but the blog is now a large community of artists and I hope that it is big enough for members to be able to live with their differences.  If you don't like someone's tone, please consider ignoring them in the first instance, or drop an email to the group administrators and leave it to them to sort out the problem.  If you have an issue with another person, you can always quietly let us know and we will ensure you don't end up in the same group for a project.

The blog's basic style is as follows: normal sized text in dark grey (if you click on the underlined "A" in the formatting toolbar above the blog post window, choose the grey next to the black: you'll see what you've chosen because it will have a little white 'tick' in it); the font used is Trebuchet.  With photographs, please ensure you edit your photos to reduce the resolution (and therefore file size), which makes photos quicker to load.  Photos are usually 'large' and 'left' justified (click on the relevant radio buttons in the Blogger upload window).

No, no, no!  You don't have to DO anything about time zones!  Just bear in mind that it can be a good idea to rest for a little while after posting, because it's going to take at least 24 hours for blog members to wake up, have a coffee and read the blog before everyone's read your pearls of wisdom!  Now that our members are spread around the world it's worth giving people the luxury of reading your post and cogitating on it before loading them up with another one - otherwise they'll get blog indigestion, which isn't funny.

The Buck Stops Here

Ultimately I set up BookArtObject but authority is shared among the blog administrators.  We discuss issues and make decisions as administrators, and our decision is final.