Saturday, July 27, 2013


I expect most, if not all, members of this collective will have read about this, but for readers of this blog who may not know about La Plantz' work,  this might be a good introduction.
And perhaps the dishonest person who "borrowed" my own copy then denied  the borrowing realises how lucky she is!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

London calling

I'm trying to get myself vaguely sorted out for going off to the Impact conference, and I'm doing well except for... working out where to stay in London for the last few days before I fly back to Australia, at the end of September.  So I wondered, do any UK-based BAO lovelies have recommendations for cheap accommodation in London?  I'd love to see a few shows before I fly back to the (relative) cultural desert that is Coffs Harbour!  If you have any bright ideas, please drop me an email or leave a comment.  Many thanks indeed :-)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Things have gone a bit quiet on the  blog so I thought I'd stick my head over the parapet and say hello!

What's happening, I wonder?  So far I've received over 50 contributions to BookArtObject Edition Four, and many authors of those wonderful books have posted about their thinking and their making on this blog and/or given links to posts about the books on their own blogs.  I know how much people have enjoyed reading about the creation of the books, so if you've completed your book and you don't know how to post to the blog let me know! 

Two parcels (well, three if you count the fact that I couldn't fit my own first book into one of the boxes and had to send it separately) have made their way to Sarah Bodman and have been exhibited in the Tom Trusky exhibition cases at the University of the West of England in Bristol, UK.  Sarah and I have written up the exhibitions in recent copies of The Book Arts Newsletter (BAN)which Sarah publishes on-line to an international audience as part of her role as Senior Research Fellow for Artists' Books at UWE.  In the most recent edition of BAN you can also read about the latest al Mutanabbi Street exhibitions in five locations in New York - several BAO members have work in the different exhibitions and you can find a catalogue here, with information about all the participating artists' work and exhibition tour dates.

What happens next?  Some of us - including me! - haven't yet finished their books but are fully intending to do so (gulp - yes - sadly my second title won't leave the studio until I get back from Europe).  I suspect others are secretly worrying about their book title and would like to forget about the whole thing...  Since this year's Impact 8 conference in Dundee marks the second anniversary of the birth of Edition Four it would be good to round off the edition by the end of this year; then we can all recover over Christmas and consider what to do next!  If I haven't received a book from you or heard from you in a while I'm going to email you in the next couple of weeks to find out how things are shaping up, so if you're in that situation don't panic, just have a think about what you would like to do.  If you really don't think you can finish your book you may want to give someone else the option of taking that title over.

In addition to getting in touch with you if I haven't heard from you in a while, I'm also going to try and organize myself to put the rest of the photos I've taken of books received to date up on our Flickr account so that we can admire the wonderful diversity of work that you have produced.  This has been a fantastic project and I know that Sarah has been completely thrilled by the books she's received, so I hope that this post finds you well and that you're enjoying Edition Four just as much as we are.

PERSONAL HISTORIES - exhibition opportunity

At the beginning of 2012 I (rObfOs) held an exhibition of altered book art at
Redland Museum, Cleveland, Queensland, Australia.
Since then the Museum has doubled in size and now boasts
two large gallery spaces perfect for sharing artists works with the community.

I have been given the wonderful opportunity to utilise this space
for an exhibition of artists books.  In order to make the exhibition
relevant to the Museum space we are working with a theme 
and working title of "Personal Histories".

We are still negotiating a final date, 
but it is anticipated to be in the latter half of 2014
to allow time for artists to work on submissions.
Entry of works to the exhibition is free of charge
however any postage costs will be at the artists expense.
Artists are free to place their works for sale
with a small commission going to the Museum.

I warmly invite all fellow BookArtObject
artists to become involved with this project.

If you are interested I have set up a new blog
where I will post information as it comes to hand.