Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I'm almost ready to send off the second box of books to Sarah Bodman at UWE for "BookArtObject Edition Four, Part II" - the exhibition!  Perhaps we need a more catchy title for our shows - something to consider in future! - but it is GREAT to have our books out and about and to be able to share what we're doing.

Sarah's asked me for photos of more of the books and I've had a "slight network problem" which, in simple terms, means all the photos I've taken are there but not currently accessible... luckily I'm married to an IT whizz, who is in the process of fixing things.

Meanwhile, thank you to everyone who has supported my Pozible crowdfunding campaign!  It is a little unsettling to put yourself on public display and ask for monetary assistance, but so far it has also been a very positive and humbling experience.  To everyone who has texted and emailed me, sent me a message on Pozible and pledged a donation to my project, thank you.  It gives me a very warm and fuzzy feeling inside.  Even if you don't want to make a donation, feel free to go on over to the site and watch the video my friends Shane and Jo made of me in my studio!  From far away you'll get a little glimpse into my world.


ronnie said...

oooo very best of luck with pozible and getting abroad - you thoroughly deserve it!

Anna Mavromatis said...

Sara, best of luck!