Friday, May 17, 2013

Throwing my hat in the ring....favourites :)

Detail Image - Altered Book by rObfOs
I thought I might throw my hat in the ring in response to Amanda's recent post about favourite artist books / book artists.  I must admit picking a favourite artist book, for me, is like picking a favourite child - IMPOSSIBLE.  I am a fickle and inquisitive creature and my loyalties change with each new day and each new book, but I find I tend to vintage and scultpural qualities.

I was interested that the majority of "favourite" books chosen by the SLQ speakers were of a traditional and safe format, I thought they may have chosen books that pushed more boundaries. However, there is beauty in diversity, and I was extremely interested in their choices.

I find I am as unable to pick favourite books as I am to define them, but I would like to list a few book/paper artists whose collections of works have left lasting impressions upon me.

In no particular order (I hope you find something new & exciting to pique your interest):

Artist 1)   Daniel Essig - Beautiful wood and metal sculptural objects as vessels for books
Artist 2)   Julie Shaw Lutts - Collage & ephemera cleverly contained in book form
Artist 3)   Marlis Maehrle - Light and delicate paper vessels

PS:  Great idea, Amanda :)


dinahmow said...

When I read Amanda's post I thought for a moment, then thought "No,I keep changing me mind!I can't do this."

But I like your "take" so maybe I can do it!
Dan Essig is a good jump-off.

Elephant's Child said...

Oh my. Ooh and aah times three. Thank you.

Amanda said...

Thanks for joining in Robyn - I think everyone feels the same, but don't worry, no one will hold you to it.

I didn't know these artists except for Dan Essig,so its great to see some gorgeous new work and talented artists.