Thursday, May 9, 2013

SLQ Seminar: The trouble with Artists Books

A huge crowd attended this seminar at the State Library of Queensland last Saturday afternoon.
  It was lovely to catch up with fellow Book Art Object members Sara Bowen, Amanda Watson-Will, Jack Oudyn and Robyn Foster, and so many fellow book artists and friends from Brisbane, country Queensland and interstate.  Unfortunately I decided to relax and enjoy the event and didn't take notes or photos to write a proper post about the seminar, but for those unable to attend these blog posts will give you some idea of the great afternoon we enjoyed.

Doug Spowart and Victoria Cooper

Judy Barrass

Sara Bowen

Helen Malone


ronnie said...

ooo what fun - thanks for all the delish links

Sara Bowen said...

Yes, it was great! Lovely to see Helen, Amanda, Robyn and Jack, and I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar and the yummy afternoon tea. Well worth the 11 hour round-trip in the car!

Mo Crow said...

look forward to listening to the podcast !