Sunday, May 26, 2013

Opportunity - the Sheffield International Artists' Book Prize

My brain is a bit fried this weekend, thanks to a sinus infection, and I'm not working at top speed but looking through my emails I realised I haven't shared this artists' book opportunity with you and I should have done it a month ago - sorry!

Bank Street Arts in Sheffield, UK, is holding the 4th International Artists' Book Prize and Exhibition later this year and is inviting entries now.  More information and entry forms can be found HERE, and it's worth considering as it is one of the few FREE TO ENTER exhibitions!  Perhaps your Edition Four book would be worth entering...?  Whatever you decide to put forward, good luck!

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ronnie said...

I remember looking into this - and it might be worth mentioning this from their website page 'rules and conditions" >> "There is no entry fee. However, all artists who require books returned must clearly indicate this on the Application Form and must pay return postage costs in addition to a £15 administration fee. (Payment preferred by Paypal or contact us for alternatives – use button below to connect to Paypal)."

and also this >> "Bank Street Arts requests that artists agree to donate entries to its Collection in the Centre at the end of the exhibition – this is on public display in our Education Space. However, this is not a Condition of Entry.

Books donated to our Collection form part of our regular exhibition programme, are used for educational purposes, are toured to Fairs and Conferences to promote both the event and the dissemination of artist’s books in general and may be offered for sale at fairs and other promotional events (after consultation with the artist) – in such event, artists will be paid 75% of any sums received.

In 2011, over 90% of those who entered the Prize donated their book to our Collection and we now have a unique collection of over 230 books, which can be seen on our website." <<

just to keep in mind when deciding what to enter.... if to enter...