Sunday, May 12, 2013


I've been having an email exchange with some of the members who had work accepted for  the Libris  Awards and it occurs to me that perhaps I should post some of this here. Particularly since both Ronnie and Sara entered their BAO  works.

At any exhibition, of anything, there are always some who are delighted and feel that it's a vindication of their own "good taste and intelligence" and always those who feel somehow slighted that the one they liked  was passed by. I think it's one of the best markers of human differences !

So, I've had a chance to see these up close and personal, as they say.

And,personally, I like "Wave Form." I also like that the tumbling "wave" can be scrunched back into its box, looking more like a book. (That should please the woman who has difficulty with the concept of artists' books!)

Kelvin's piece is interesting, but I'd call it an installation, not a book. However, all the discs came in and can be returned to a box. In this case, not a hand-built container, tailored to the work, but a big old Kodachrome  [I think] cardboard film box. So, just as much "a book" as the first one?

And the Youth Award is, by all interpretations and popular perception, a book. A book-ish book, read left to right. And quite lovely in its simplicity.



ronnie said...

you're a rippa gal di heading off to the awards and keeping us all up to date with all the goings-on..... and speaking of goings on - ummmmmm (how to say this) I think I should tell ya'll - the book that I had accepted at libris actually isn't one from my BAO edition ... but it is a cousin (a much larger feistier cousin - but a relative none-the less) ..... just in case any BAO folks do get the chance to go to mackay and check out all the works.... indeedy you can catch a glimpse of what headed off to the libris here >> <<, (mind you there are 3 different books shown in this post.... and only you di will be able to tell folk which one is at the libris!)

Elephant's Child said...

I loved Wave Form. Beautiful.

dinahmow said...

Ronnie, I do apologise...your BAO piece is not a case bound one is it?
Nevertheless, the idea is there and those in your BAO swap group will "get it."
I'm hoping to have some gloves next week when I go back, so I can photograph different pages.

dinahmow said...

EC...I thought of you when I was there yesterday. It really does suggest "marine movement." And I hope to find out what sort of paper it is. Helen Cole scrumpled in back into its box, to demonstrate, then pulled it out again. It looked, to me, like silk.

Helen Cole said...

Hi Di

It's a bit late to add my comment but...
Just because I chose "Wave form" for the award, doesn't mean I didn't think there were several others who would also have been worthy winners. It really was an incredibly difficult decision but as there's only one major prize I had to make it.
Your point about difference though is a good one. My colleagues at SLQ and I have very different opinions on some of the books in our collection, as do visitors we show them to. It's always interesting to hear an opinion different from your own.

Helen Cole