Saturday, April 27, 2013

Group Two

Trying to finish Making Bread has been an exercise in anticipation and disappointment, which has made me reluctant to write about it here, lest I just sound whiney. At last, all the challenges have been overcome (I hope!) and I am in the process of printing. Laser cutting and assembly to start on Monday.
Here is the front - more images will follow after I take it to my favourite photographer next week. Then it will be sent off!


Julie Russell-Steuart said...

I love the ink blooms. Already I can anticipate thinking about the way yeast in bread dough grows. I look forward to seeing more.

Helen M said...

From what we can see Tara this looks like a great book. I also look forward to seeing more.

paperworker said...

Tara, looking forward to receiving this...and do tell us all the details, we love long, sad stories with happy endings! Cheers. Lynn