Monday, April 1, 2013

DAISY CHAIN Group 4 #71

At long last!
I have made my apologies to the others in my group, but also owe an explanation to all other BAO people.

Personal matters and monsoon conditions have hampered me somewhat, but here are some pictures from my making of Daisy Chain.

The colophon (on the underside of the box lid) and the board game, folded in the Turkish Map fold.

 "Turkish Map Fold" is  very popular, judging by the number one sees on various websites. Not a difficult fold; I did start to photograph a "sample" then realised it would make this a rather long post!

And I should think everyone in BAO is familiar with it anyway. So I'll post the how-to on my own blog. After I've caffeinated my brain!

Buttons? Yes, buttons, because I was unable to find plain counters. And that brings me to another little drama...just before Christmas, some darling young children    teenage brats lit a fire in a toy shop. That, plus two adjacent businesses were gutted. I tried three other places, but found no counters. So I fell back on the good old stand-by from childhood, when little brothers or cousins stuffed the counters down the back of the sofa, or swallowed them...I used buttons.

Why did I need buttons and dice? Because my folded paper unfolds to become a board game in which players roll dice and move their buttons across the board according to the number on the dice. Some squares on the board are marked with a penalty, some with a reward. If you are familiar with Snakes and Ladders you'll understand the basics.

The presentation box. I used Canson  paper (lightweight card would have been better, but I was be-devilled, again, by what's known here as "the tyrany of distance." I did have some card, but as the monsoon was monsooning I was loath  to store any more paper than I could use before it was ruined. And the local art store orders ALL supplies from Melbourne, once a month, by road freight. )

I used a chain clasp, fastening to "Daisy's" collar. The sketch is a pencil original, finished in ink and glued to the lid.

Probably my favourite  picture - packing "Daisy Chain" to post!

It's done, signed, packed and mailed. I have to say I am not entirely happy with it, but it has gone out into the world with the best of intentions, if not execution. As always, I have had moments of agony and inspiration in about equal measure. And always, encouragement from fellow-bookmakers.

Now...onto the other two titles!


Elephant's Child said...

Oooh. As always when I come here I am awed and impressed in equal measure.

Helen M said...

Well done Di - it seems that everything was against you getting this book made.

dinahmow said...

Thank you, EC and Helen. It has been a rough road.

alison said...

A stylish design with such an appealing cover. Who could resist looking through a gem such as this.

Carol said...

Love this, Di! And I know what you've gone through in the past few months weather wise. A charming little dog and I do like the idea of the game and pieces. Well done!