Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Burning Question, #45, Group 12

A sneak preview of what I've been working on recently - in fact, I'm trying to finish it in time to enter it into the Libris Awards at Artspace Mackay (closing date this week!).

More details to follow, assuming I finish it in time...


Angela said...

Wow! Another intricate, detailed masterpiece. Looks like lots of hard work Sara. Beautiful.

ronnie said...

can I smell a burning book?

Abigail Thomas said...

wow. amazing. I need to get myself in gear, and earn some money so I can afford to make my books!

Aine Scannell said...

Sara it looks excellent and I look forward to getting abetter look at it. By the way are our books from this `'100 stories" project , so to speak, being shown at Impact Dundee ? I just wondered.

Please look out for email I am about to send you.

I am just having another bash at my books for my group. Got to get them finished. best wishes

look forward to meeting you in Dundee !!!