Sunday, February 10, 2013

'carpe diem' (is not a tale about fish-of-the-day)

 this is my offering for BAO edition 4 - group 11

rather than double posting

I've posted more pics and a tale too on my blog

that's one of my titles done - two to go! 

(I've been loving getting all the booky goodies at the post office -
 how is everyone else going with their projects? 
I hope you're enjoying what you're making and/or receiving...)




Abigail Thomas said...

I received my copy the other week and loved the interaction with QR technology and the internet; ephemeral as it might end up being. Thanks again Ronnie for a fab book.

Angela said...

Don't know where you get the energy from Ronnie. The book looks absolutely beautiful.

Moon and Hare said...

Ronnie, I got my copy of your sams creek counting book, and it's wonderful! Loved carpe diem also.