Sunday, January 13, 2013

Group 5 and 11

I have posted all my books now both titles.
Group 4 'The Earth'
Group 11 'Security'
Unfortunately I couldn't manage a personal message as we had a death in the family.
And now I have realised i have no email address' for group 11 so if you could email me when they arrive I would appreciate it.

And blogger won't let me load any pictures, so all around a bit of a pain.
But this is alink to my blog where it did let me put them up albeit last year.

I hope you like my humble offerings.
And I will have a few extras for sale once all have arrived safely at their destinations

x te


Helen M said...

This is exciting for me Trace because I'm in both Group 5 and Group 11!!! Your books look lovely on your blog. I have been unable to upload photos as well - it's frustrating isn't it? I have now given in and downloaded Google Chrome onto my old computer - and it works perfectly!

dinahmow said...

This blog nonsense is driving many of us nuts! I did manage to see your cute little blanket rolls on your blog and look forward to learning more about them when you're back to normal.

Hot Wax Great Southern said...

The blanket rolls are actually for needles and pins. I made one for myself for travelling and thought others might like them as well. Perhaps I need to put them on etsy

Abigail Thomas said...

Like I said over in your blog; looking forward to 'Security' turning up through my door! Thanks!