Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Group nine, title “winter”

A positive outcome of breaking my foot: time found to complete my second BAO4 edition.  Responding to title #15 “winter”, I managed to design, print, paint, cut, fold, paste without standing for long, and almost forgetting the limitations and sadness caused by my injury…

Sara, Angie, Fiona, Lisa, Lis, Gillian, Alicia, Terence look out for “winter” coming to your mailbox soon. I will be visiting the post office towards the end of the week; I hope all members of group nine to receive their packages by mid February.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Flickr photos coming your way...

There you go: around 200 photographs uploaded of the 44 books I've received so far.  Thank you to those of you who have looked at the photos of their books and corrected my lamentable attempts to describe them!  I'm going to stop for now, and at some point in a month or two when I've accumulated photographs of more books I'll put them up too.

As part of the cataloguing process I've measured the books and attempted to describe them, assisted by your notes about construction and materials where you've included that information in either the colophon or your cover letter.  If I've got it madly wrong, please email me and let me know and I'll correct the descriptions in Flickr and on my spread sheet; in some cases I'm guessing so there are bound to be mistakes!  If you have any problem looking at the BookArtObject Flickr page, email me and I'll try and sort things out.

For the tech-heads who are interested in such things, I use a Fujifilm S5 Pro digital SLR camera with a Sigma EX F2.8 macro lens and a Tamron AF 28 - 80mm lens, with Glanz studio lights and a 1.2m light tent.  Actually, the light tent was a bit of a pain and I ended up taking a few books out of the tent and photographing them against a sheet of etching paper, propped up on my desk, particularly if I had to pick out embossing as I couldn't get raked lighting inside the tent.  I borrowed the tent and the lights from TAFE so I may not have them when I photograph books I receive after the start of the semester (I have to return the equipment on Monday!), but I reckon I've figured out a few things now and will be able to get some decent shots on my desk even without all the 'kit'.  I should say that I am no photographer and it's probable that you've taken better photos of your book than I have, in which case, email me to get the log-on for the BookArtObject Flickr page and you can upload your photos instead of mine.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

It's Raining Stilled Lives

Dear Groups 1 and 6, I am sending the bulk of my books to you tomorrow, but I did send a few at the end of last week as a postal-charge tester while most of the envelopes were drying. So it will be a staggered arrival! I'm very pleased that I managed to keep the book within Large Letter dimensions, it will make its progress around the world a lot easier.

Here's a sneak peek:

It's not even really a peek, is it. This is just the spines of all the books, bound and wrapped ready for sending. They are very tall and thin, and there are two separate books (titles 12 and 58) within the one cover.  I'll explain more later, when the recipients have seen it first, which is all the fun of the project, isn't it?

Poor old book, it sat in my mind for months, and then when I had the time to do it, I got sick, and then when I recovered, we had (and are still having) a horrendous heat wave. So it's been an interesting process, and there is much that I would change, but having it done is really a relief. I hope my group-mates can find something in it that they like. 

I also hope everyone is managing to wrangle theirs! I just love what I've been seeing over the past year. I've decided to do a stock-take of my leftover BAO volumes (from earlier editions and this one) and offer them as swaps, if anyone is interested in the notion.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Received {Grain} in the Snow

I heard on the news that yesterday was the hottest day in Sydney... well it's snowing here in the UK and temps of at least -3 in London and colder elsewhere.  But the postman battled through and brought me this; thank you Janine; its beautiful. Might even be the perfect day for some Brown Rice Pudding too......

Stay warm/cool everyone.


Wednesday, January 16, 2013


My apologies for quietly lurking on the BookArtObject blog without introduction or updates. However, I'm happy to report my contribution to Group 6 is ready for posting. All I need are mailing addresses and I'll have the USPS do their part. The colophon info follows.
- Scott McCarney



BookArtObject Edition Four, Group 6

Title taken from An Exercise for Kurt Johannessen (2010), by permission of the author, Sarah Bodman.

Book 38: SUICIDE (NOTE) is a reflection on the artist's brother's ambiguous suicide attempt in 1986 completed on the third anniversary of his death in 2010. Three type-script pages and a photograph are wrapped in a make-ready sheet from MEMORY LOSS, an artist book made in 1988 about the artist's brother's automobile accident. Mailed in a tyvek envelope to members of BookArtObject Group 6 and Sarah Bodman. 

Monday, January 14, 2013


Just a few tantalising glimpses of what I've been doing recently; none of them relates to a "finished" book, but they show the direction in which I'm headed...

This last photo is of bridles - and I have to thank my father-in-law for providing me with a whole bag of used saddler to choose from.  Thanks, Terry. They're actually for the Edition Two book that I still haven't finished, mainly because it's taken me almost 2 years to lay my hands on used bridle/stirrup leathers. So if you've almost given up, Edition 2 folks, please be reassured that at some point a book will be winging its way towards you!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Group 5 and 11

I have posted all my books now both titles.
Group 4 'The Earth'
Group 11 'Security'
Unfortunately I couldn't manage a personal message as we had a death in the family.
And now I have realised i have no email address' for group 11 so if you could email me when they arrive I would appreciate it.

And blogger won't let me load any pictures, so all around a bit of a pain.
But this is alink to my blog where it did let me put them up albeit last year.

I hope you like my humble offerings.
And I will have a few extras for sale once all have arrived safely at their destinations

x te

Thursday, January 10, 2013

A little update on "Throwaway"

Hand-painting the tyvek paper before printing

With the deadline for the show (second box) coming up, I have been busy working away, trying to put what has been a year of thinking and going in different directions in my head into a final concrete form. I thought you all might like to see some of my progress. I really like how this blog affords a peek into so many artist's studios, so gaze away at mine:

The back side of the tyvek needed no paint, it soaked through

Title "Throwaway" all inked up and ready to go

Typesetting the poem in Caslon Bold
Pressure Print Matrix (collagraph)
The print from the key matrix

Working on Side 2 Matrix
Julie Russell-Steuart, Edition 4, Group 5

Monday, January 7, 2013

#90 True Grit

My third title for Edition Four, #90 True Grit just made it into 2012 by being completed a few days before Christmas.  I posted it out to members of Group 11 on 2nd January.

I decided to ignore the obvious connections to the title True Grit, and thought the most fitting example of unfaltering courage and true grit are the asylum seekers who flee their homeland for Australia by taking risky and dangerous journeys with people smugglers in a desperate attempt to find peace and freedom from persecution.

The book is made up of digital prints of five linocuts with a collage mounted in 3D into Canson card and shows a small fishing boat battling huge seas.  There is also a text page and a colophon.

I have really enjoyed being part of BookArtObject in 2012 and working on this great project. I'd like to thank Sara Bowen and the others working behind the scenes who have made this such a great experience. I'm looking forward to participating in Edition 5.