Thursday, December 13, 2012

One down, two to go.

Since few members of BAO read my blog it has been pointed out that I made a statement there that ought to be aired over here. 
So here is the post I wrote on my blog. As of today, Thursday 13th, I am working on the next title.

WORK IN PROGRESS     December 2012
With Sara’s latest announcement that she will be shipping Sarah Bodman’s copies in January I think several jaws dropped with a resounding bump!One of them was mine.
Yes, I could have completed the work several months ago. Probably should have! But, not being driven by a deadline [something I think MUST be addressed before any new rounds are opened], I have chosen to wind up several other projects before year’s end, thinking that the generally slow time over the Christmas-New Year break would be ideal for making my books.
Well, we all know what Mr. Burns had to say about well-laid plans!
I will be emailing the members of my 3 groups with an explanation of   grovelling apology for my tardiness and the decision I have come to.
In brief…I will try to have  Sara Bodman’s copies shipped to Sara Bowen in time, but the full editions will take a little longer.
For the moment, here are  some pictures of some of the work for ” The Daisy Chain.”
Below, Trial stages for “The Daisy Chain,” one of the titles I’m working on using The Turkish map fold.Why, yes! That is a remote control unit, along with box knife, pencils, eraser, cutting board…the usual book-y paraphernalia. The radio is my usual accompaniment/distraction, but I wanted the TV news update that day.
work in progressBAO work
Below, Attaching the chain
attaching the fastener

Further explanation of the construction once all parties have received their  books.


ronnie said...

there are many of us in that same hot water trying to get our stuff finished di! good luck getting to the finish line in time!

Hot Wax Great Southern said...

I'm sailing that little ship as well. I should be able to get the ones for Sara done and hopefully all of them off before Xmas. They are soooo close. xte

dinahmow said...

Ronnie and Trace...thank you.Apart from printing my colophon, the first is done.And I am hoping to get the other two ready this week. Hoping!

The Elephant's Child said...

Ducks - looking serene - with your legs paddling frantically beneath the water and out of sight. However, all of you have/are producing some truly amazing work for me to gawp at. Thank you.

Bertie said...

Good luck with the work! And please please do finish the editions, later on!

dinahmow said...

Oh, Bertie! Thank you so much for saying that! I was concerned that I was putting all ahead of the "friendly group."

Helen M said...

I agree with you Di that there should be deadlines - and I said so in the survey form Sara sent to us to complete. Good luck getting your books finished - and I'm doing the same as you with my third title, sending one off to Sara next week and posting the finished full edition out after Christmas.