Friday, December 28, 2012

Group 8 - Title #91

This book presents postcard imagery and scans from original letters in a book format developed by Hedi Kyle that she calls the panorama book. I like the structure for presenting images with what I call text snippets.

The title I selected, I make wallpaper from your postcards, relates well to one of my ongoing studio projects as I have been working with an inherited archive for many years. 

The archive includes  correspondence from throughout the 20th century, to and from people I do not know or barely remember from my childhood. A recurring theme throughout the correspondence is the question of what to do with old letters.  Evidently letters were sometimes returned to the original writer as my archive includes letters both to and from the same person. 

There are occasional concerns expressed about the content of the letters being too  personal to leave lying about;  one writer repeatedly writes about how difficult it is to decide which letters to keep and which to destroy. I selected snippets from those particular letters - letters from Mrs. M.W.Wylie of Manhattan, Kansas, to Mrs. Geo. C. Wheeler, of Denver, Colorado (and my paternal great-grandmother) - written in 1966 to use for my book.

The text block  is of Fabriano paper with photo reproductions of postcards from Manhattan, Kansas, and Denver, Colorado mounted to both the front and back panels. The text of the letters  and selected for this project is 

“The mail carrier came just now with no news from Denver. I’m thinking ‘no news is good news’ . . . Discovered dozens of your families’ letters. Too many to keep - so I’ll have to burn most of them”.

Selections from the letters were scanned and printed then transferred to the text block via solvent transfer.  The covers were attached with a split board technique. The covers are thin boards, the outer one wrapped with a watermark paper called Signature. The book is housed in a simple wrapper, the colophon  appears on the back page of the wrapper. Both book and wrapper have a recessed laser printed label.

 The title, I make my wallpaper from your postcards, gives one solution to the question of what to do with old correspondence. My project uses another.

The copies to everyone in Group 8 will be sent out in January.


dinahmow said...

Another intriguing and personal interpretation.
How limited would we have been, I wonder, had we read Sarah's stories?

The Elephant's Child said...

Fascinating. I have a passion for letters and diaries and really appreciate this interpretation on the theme.

Helen M said...

How lucky you are to have such a fantastic resource of old letters to create such a great interpretation of the title.

Fiona Dempster said...

This looks like a wonderful, personal yet creatively imaginative piece of work. Shame we can't all get one isn't it? Go well.