Saturday, December 15, 2012

Finally Finished!

Well nearly.

Spurred on by Sara's post, earlier this week I managed to finish two copies of "Where the Dead Live" to parcel up and send to her, along with two copies of “Rapunzel”, hoping to meet the January deadline.

I finished Rapunzel in November, although I wasn’t organized enough to send it out into the wide world, and now, I have finally finished assembling the rest of the “Where the Dead Live”.

So for those of you in Group 2 and Group 10 there will be books on the way but I am going to wait until the New Year to send them out. I think they’ve more chance of not getting lost and arriving undamaged if I send them after the Christmas post. (I'll show more images when they arrive though if you want to see the work in progress its on my blog)

These two books have occupied me on and off for a year now and I can't quite believe they’re finished.


Helen M said...

How exciting Jac, I'm in group 10 and can't wait until January!

The Elephant's Child said...

They both look really exciting (and I did take a look at your blog as well) and I am really, really looking forward to more images.

Julie Russell-Steuart said...

I like the Rapunzel images. Does the banding concern come with color Xeroxes? What medium are they?
(currently embroiled in printing under this deadline!)

jac said...

Hi Julie.
The Xerox laser printer printed the images really well. Its just that the toner started to crack off the surface when I folded them.
The banding problem was with the inkjet printer I was using. It is old and temperamental and obviously thought that the colours I was originally using need to be improved. (Looking at the final images that it approved of and printed well I think it had a point)