Thursday, November 15, 2012

group one, title 64: "counting"...

Tomorrow "counting" will start its journey to all members of group 1, via US mail.
I had a great time designing and assembling it, mixed with a few emotional moments related to my personal associations with the theme and the elements I used to complete it.
Caren, Celeste, Jack, Anne, Ama, Anne, Rachel, Sara I hope it reaches you all in one piece!


dinahmow said...

Oh! This far into the swap and I think you are the first, Anna, to list recipients. Well done! (I shall do the same when I send mine)
It is helpful to have such a reminder;saves us all diving into the bits-and-pieces-behind-the-scenes.

Dinah groups 4,6,10

Jack Oudyn said...

Yes , a good idea listing the participants. Waiting with bated breath - hopefully at christmas-time.