Saturday, November 10, 2012

GROUP 1 "Transparent" Details

It is now a few months  since I posted my little book "Transparent" off around the globe - and as far as I know they have all arrived safely.(Mind you there are a few for which I would like a confirmation that this is so, - no replies or acknowledgments yet) 

So for those of you who have been waiting for some explanation, here goes.

“Transparentis an  A5 book of transparent drawings about  the different aspects, the sum of many individual bits that keep changing continually and are impossible to pin down, a shifting, impermanent persona.

The covers of the book are all slightly different in the way the waxy surfaces have been gently scratched and marked. This hints at how we all rub up against the world and are affected differently. Only gentle scrapes were made and certainly no evidence of being rubbed up the wrong way (that would be a whole new area to explore). The torso, a symbol of the person used throughout the book, is empty but a Ned Kelly visor gives an Australian glimpse of the facial features made by individual dots. The title “Transparent” is transparent and emerges from a scratching made on the reverse side in mirror image.

The misty writing on the interleaving transparent pages is about some of the problems of being transparent but is not meant to be read in a consecutive, sequential, rational way. This would imply that the unravelling process is easy and well understood. Rather the pages are meant to give confusing hints and glimpses of possible meanings.

The different mugshots are filled and surrounded by with ideas and symbols which are all part of my persona. Using transparent paper allows the separate images to interrelate, layer and confuse the final snapshot. The transparent pages also allow us to look both ways, to the future but also the past.

Although the outside shape of the form is always the same, the different contents reflect some of the various layers that together go to make me who I am. The contents and backgrounds include x-rays, drawings, collaged text, maps, stamps and other symbols referring to my world. The book is an attempt to promote understanding by being transparent.

It was a great experience and very enjoyable solving all the various processes and have made a few great like minded BAO  artists. Looking forward to see what evolves next year.


Helen M said...

This is a fantastic book Jack - well executed and well resolved. I particularly love that the transparency allows you to see a number of layers at once and look both forward and back.

Bertie (aka Kophieps) said...

Wish I could hold the book in my hands and explore it - I'm impressed! Thanks for your description. Bertie (group 4)

Arzigogolare said...

What an evocative portrayal of the concept of 'Transparent'... I love all of the layers, both physically and on the mental/emotional level - a book to get lost in. Lucky Group 1 recipients!

ersi marina said...

A very realistic book, in a strange way. It was worth waiting for the details, I also wish I had one of the copies.

rObfOs said...

Hey Jack, love that this book uses such different media and ideas to explore the notion of transparent. Very multi-layered, beautiful little book. I'm afraid I'll wear off all the little scratchings on the cover as I just want to keep rubbing my fingers over the wax :)

dinahmow said...

For one not in this group, I found your explanations and photos very helpful.Thank you.

Julie Russell-Steuart said...

I like how the cover is skin-colored, especially as you say, holds the markings of being in contact with others. "Thin-skinned", someone who is fragile and easily hurt, comes to mind. With your objective of willingly becoming transparent, you thin the skin and suggest vulnerability. Sure wish I could see it in person to see if my idea holds up!

Jack Oudyn said...

Thank you for all the supportive comments.I feel priviledged to be part of this great group look forward to the next book.

susan bowers said...

I really love this book Jack - and my thoughts echo so many of the comments already given. I too am completely jealous of those artists who receive a copy of the BOA editions. Wish there were more for sale.
One thing I particularly love about your book is your interpretation of 'transparent'. I am a great fan of using transparent paper and the layering of thoughts and images that allows - but in this particular instance I feel you have used the title more as a truth - an honesty and transparency of yourself. I like that you have been able to show various parts of you that contribute to the whole. It is a book that begs to be picked up and examined.