Friday, October 26, 2012


Just so you know...I am not entirely slacking-off!

Yes, I did set things aside when I went swanning off to Europe and, since my return, one or two little personal flies have managed to stick themselves in my ointment.

But I am getting on with my books.

Some of you, I know, enjoy the luxury of high-end printers and can guarantee longer-lasting results. I am restricted to an A4 non-archival ink jet model. Now, while I am quite happy with the inks it uses, they are water-based, which can be a problem if I want to work back into pages. Did I hear someone say "do the artwork first, then allow for printing." Hmm...this precludes a greater grasp than mine of  the mathematics!

So the typist me takes a back seat while the artist me gets on with the illustrations. Hand-made, indeed.

But while I'm here...I did try to construct a Jacob's Ladder (like this one), but not based on a square or rectangle. The "fall" resulted in a ghastly tangle so I scratched that idea for the moment! There is another version of a Jacob's Ladder and bits of paper litter my desk...

... and my third book is not even beyond sketches yet.But I am working!


The Elephant's Child said...

How do you keep the cats out of the bits of paper littering your desk? I am not being sarcastic, I would really like to know. Even shut doors are not fool proof. Leave it ajar for twenty five seconds and the damage is done.

Vicki said...

Just so you know too...I am also pottering away trying to figure out how to edition my books as I have a similar ink jet printing set up and I am not sure if I can hand print each to not be too variable in the variable edition. I am glad I am not the only one Di, thanks for sharing!

dinahmow said...

EC...I set limits.Waste paper basket is OK.Otherwise I sing.Very high notes.
Vicky... yes, it's editioning of large(for me!) numbers that is the sticking point.And part of the reason I'm so slow!