Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Interesting Books

Those of you (in Australia) who have email accounts at Bigpond often miss out on interesting links from a site whose name seems to trigger spam alerts at Bigpond.
So I'm posting the link here as it is something that many BAO members will enjoy.Maybe some of you even make things like these? Gail? Ronnie? Fiona?


And a note on my BAO titles...tomorrow, Alison and I hang a small exhibition which has kept us rather busy for ages. When this show comes down I shall be devoting myself to my book editions.


Vicki said...

I have been following Fuck Yeah, Book Arts for sometime and it is a truly fabulous tumblr blog, if you have not looked at it before I encourage you to do so!

The Elephant's Child said...

I would never have come across this site without you, and am very, very grateful.

dinahmow said...

Thanks for weighing-in, Vicki. It does showcase some interesting people.
And, EC, we're singing from the same page!

Barbara Simler said...

Fun tumblr blog! Thanks for the link.