Monday, October 8, 2012

Group 5 Mailing

Hello folks of Group 5! My edition is done and I've been toting it around the past couple months during a move out of state. I'm a poor grad student so I can't afford to ship out all copies at once so let me know when you're ready to ship your copy out and I'll pop mine in the mail (I figure if I stagger mailing them, I'll still have some Ramen money left over)! The best way to contact me is via my Gmail email. My mailing address has changed but I updated it with our group leader, Diane, earlier this summer (I live in Florida now). Looking forward to seeing everyone's wonderful work...


dinahmow said...

Thank you;I'll send an update out to the group later today.
That's an intriguing image you're teasing us with!
Di Group 5 coordinator

Helen M said...

Michelle and I have already exchanged books, and I must say this is a really beautiful interesting book and extremely well made. I'm delighted to have it, and other group 5 members will be too.