Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Missing Typewriter Key - Posted (in the real world)

"The Missing Typewriter Key"
Spread myself around the post office
today and sent off all my little
(Lucky I emptied out the piggy bank before I left!)
So Ronnie, Kalmia, Angela, Meg, Barbara, Rebecca and Sara 
should all be receiving a little parcel shortly.
Hope they they are not too travel weary when they arrive.
And lucky me - I'm the 400th online BAO Post :)


Helen M said...

Congrats Robyn, I look forward to seeing your book. I love the old typewriter!

Barbara Simler said...

Yay! Can't wait to get my copy...

Angela said...

Robyn got my book. Safe and sound. Really gorgeous and beautifully made. Very tactile, I love it. Thank you so much. I was also glad to see that no typewriters were harmed in the making of the the book ;-)

rObfOs said...

Hi Angela, so glad I could send a book that is right on topic for you :} Just happened to spot a couple of old blogposts on typewriters on your blog and had a bit of a giggle to myself at how coincidental life can be. Having said that, it would have been a really interesting title for you to have explored too. Yay for old typewriters!

Barbara Simler said...

Robyn, I just got my copy, and it's beautiful! I love the design and imagery. You do wonderfully intricate work.

rObfOs said...

Hi Barbara, thanks for letting me know the little book arrived ok. Glad you like it and thanks for your lovely comments. Look forward to receiving your BAO when it's done too.