Monday, August 6, 2012

Having just read about yet another person shooting into a crowd of people (a temple in the USA) I find Rhonda Miller's piece, Solzhenitzyn, most timely (unfortunately). It arrived yesterday, meticulously packaged and beautifully made. I spent many hours with glue and paper in the last few days so I'm especially impressed with five layers showing no evidence of sticky fingers anywhere.

The next time I give the talk on this project is mid-October. Anyone else almost ready to send them out? I'll be showing whatever I have along with my own. The ones I've shown so far, at the talk or in class, have created great excitement.

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Sending Pages Out to Dry said...

Got mine today! I love it! The craftsmanship is lovely. It sits on my shelf beautifully. Love the size and the simplicity of the chosen elements. Simple images yet complete. Good work, Rhonda. I'm proud to have this.

P.S. And isn't it fun getting real mail!