Wednesday, August 22, 2012

"DUST" (Edition 4, group 4)

I've been worrying about global postal services, but now finally my book DUST has found its way to all members of Edition 4 group 4. Time to post about it here.

Edition of 24. All text is handset and letterpress printed on my Korrex proof press. Printed on Nepalese handmade paper, cotton dust cloth, and a vacuum cleaner bag. The book contains some 30 quotations from world literature, a six-page poem by myself, and some photos. 
If I were to make a statement about this piece of work, I’d say I wanted to show some connections between our daily interaction with dust, the way we experience both the beauty and the ugliness of our reality, and our sense of transience.

More pics can be seen here (slideshow on Flickr).

Cheers, B.


Jennifer said...

You've definitely got me viewing my dusty floors in a whole new light! Seriously, what an ingenious viewpoint and a wonderful work of art. Congratulations!

papergail said...

Great book, I'm glad I'm in group 4

papergail said...
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Genevieve said...

I love your photos of the process of creating the edition. Thanks for posting them. I'm also counting myself fortunate to be in group 4 and to be the proud owner of a copy of your book. :)

Amanda said...

Yes, I love this book too! It's both serious and funny - not easy to achieve. Congratulations!

Bertie (aka Kophieps) said...

thank you all!