Friday, July 20, 2012

Meeting in Real Life

Amy (Groups 7 and 12) contacted me a few weeks ago to say that she would be visiting my town in the rural northwestern part of California. Would I like to meet her? This was quite a surprise, since I live 6 hours north of San Francisco and not exactly in an easily accessible part of the state. Amy lives in Southern California. 

Me (Ellen), Michele and Amy

There is one other BAO member who lives here in Humboldt County, Michele who, of all things, is also in Group 7 with Amy. So we decided to have a BAO bookie get-together at my studio. Michele brought her prototype for her edition (I don't want to give away any secrets... but it's tantalizing). And I showed the prototype for my Group 6 book, which I'm now working on. We all talked about our ideas for our books and how we got to be making books in general. The fog was rolling in through the redwoods, making it particularly atmospheric. It was a wonderful BAO-inspired afternoon that went by all too quickly. 

Me (Ellen) providing entertainment as I puzzle over my new-ish
 tripod and getting the shutter delay to work.
--Ellen, Groups 6 and 10


dinahmow said...

Wonderful! Isn't it nice to be able to say something like "paper hinges" or "pre-waxed thread" or "head bands" without people backing away slowly.
So pleased you had some time together.

Helen M said...

It's great to see more real life BAO meetings happening.

Anna Mavromatis said...

Ellen, I am jealous!
How I wish I were there too.

Angela said...

What lovely photos. It is lovely to meet in 'real life'.

I agree with Di. Its lovely to be geeky about books with like minded people :-)

Amanda said...

Looks like you allhad fun! I agree, meeting up with BAO members has been a wonderful and unexpected benefit. I've loved it!

rObfOs said...

Lovely for you to meet each other in person, also nice for the rest of us BAOers to enjoy your meeting vicariously and see your faces online :) Thanks for sharing

Paper Chipmunk (aka Ellen) said...

Thanks everyone! And it is indeed quite wonderful to be with fellow book geeks, yes.

Di--I was going to say something about using bone as a verb in mixed company as well, but.... hmmm... Yes, some things are best kept among bookbinders!