Thursday, July 5, 2012

A bit of BAO promotion

Hello from the (cold, wet) 2012 Sturt Winter School in Mittagong, NSW,  where Ronnie and I are freezing our butts off teaching Calligraphy (sorry, Text in Art) and The Complete Book (ie book arts bindings) respectively.

Yes, my poet friend Rosemary Dobson died last week at the ripe age of 92 after a long happy life, and yesterday I drove back to Canberra for her funeral and then back to Mittagong again in time to give a talk to the Winter School in general (each afternoon there is a lecture program featuring the tutors). It was a long day, but very worth it.

I talked about YOU. And you, and you. Yes, about the whole Book Art Object project, and hello to anyone who is reading this blog because of my talk. You are very welcome.

I started from the beginning, which meant that I talked up the fact that it all started here at Sturt after Sara Bowen brought up her fabulous idea in my 2009 Sturt Winter School class. That is something for the Sturt staff and supporters to feel proud about.

I showed pictures along with the various texts and also a selection of the books for edition 4 that have been finished to date. There were a few people interested in joining to select from the leftover titles!

Ronnie sat in the audience and helped me out with dates and the sorts of details that my overloaded brain never retains. I also had a selection of the various project books out on a table and talked up Sara so that she gets some students for her 2013 class at the Summer School. 

Ronnie also gave a talk today about her practice (accidentally: she'd meant to do a general Text in Art survey but we discovered at the 11th hour that she hadn't saved it to her thumb-drive -- DOH) and it was terrific. She even quoted poetry from memory at the end.

So here's a wave from us and lots of encouragement to anyone who was there to jump in to the project... the water's fine!


Barbara Simler said...

Sounds like a pretty intense day! It's great that you had the chance to talk about BAO -- wouldn't it be great if all the remaining Edition 4 titles were taken?

dinahmow said...

Well, thank you for blowing our collective trumpet, Duck!

Sara Bowen said...

Thank you Duck and Ronnie! Very kind - sounds like you've been having a blast (and I had fund reminiscing about Sturt in Winter). Fingers crossed I get some interested students...

ronnie said...

I've just parked the car in my sams creek garage.... and even before flopping onto the lounge in utter exhaustion here I am checking the BAO blog (natch!) ...... and yes indeedy I can confirm a rapt audience breathed in the goodness of the caren's wonderful BAO chat/show-n-tell..... it would be lovely to find others join our merry band for edition 4 from among the sturt attendees

I need coffee, and a good lie down to recover (with a book perhaps?)

ps for the groups I am coordinating in here (if you are reading this blog comment) I'll be in touch with you guys v. soon (.... after I recover!)

dinahmow said...

Yes, it would be good to have the complete 100 in the collection.
And to that end,I am picking up "Silent Wolves" as Elizabeth is unable to continue.
So would the coordinator of that group (6) like to get in touch,please?

Julie Russell-Steuart said...

That's great promotion!
I have been following along with everything and doing much thinking on my book. It is now time to act on the trials and make! On the subject of promotion, I am planning on putting together a BAO show proposal once the two editions that I am a part of are completed but I may skip ahead and write one up so that I am ready when the books are to send to local Midwest USA venues (that sounds so silly, venues!??? Exhibition spaces? Galleries?)