Sunday, June 10, 2012

Snow falling in daylight (Group 9)

I have prioritised my BAO books for the first half of the year as the second half is looking a bit crazy.  As a result I have finished my Group 9 book as well and can breathe a sigh of relief.  I chose "snow falling daylight" for my second edition.

I think I chose this title because I love the look of white on white – which is how I imagined the world might look when snow fell in daylight. I embossed and debossed snowflake images I created myself and stacked them as I thought about how they fall and pile up.

I left the edges of the pages a bit frayed – like the feathering of snowflakes, and I knew I wanted to have a really delicate, loose binding that gave the sense of the fragility of the snowflakes – not something rigid and bound.

The Swarowski crystal set atop the book continues the sense of frailty and delicacy.

 The words in the middle are mine – again, how I imagine the world might be in daylight snow.

In the end, it’s a little book of snowflakes.

It is quite small, the squares are only 8cm x 8cm and I made an edition of twenty, so I have some spares for swapping, or for selling through the studio.


Victoria said...

A beautiful concept. I'm in Group 7 and just received my first book, Delicate, from Gene, made from very light-weight text-printed Asian paper folded to form a fan in the middle of the stab-bound book. Gorgeous.
I'm just finishing my book, "My Ancestors," and am torn between sending them out soon or keeping them till after showing them ( a varied edition with changes of palette) as part of a presentation on Creativity & Aging for a summer art school, first week in July. I'll show Gene's book then, as well as any other that arrives before June 29.
This has all been very exciting and certainly drawn me into book-making. I'm looking forward to doing much more of it.

dinahmow said...

Yes, they are delicate-looking.
Fiona, perhaps you said elsewhere(but my brain is still foggy!)...what paper did you use?

Fiona Dempster said...

Hi Dinah..I went with an old a favourite - Arches Velin - it has a velvety soft feel; yet is tough enough to take the embossing...I think it also goes under the name Arches Text Wove but am not 100% sure of that!

dinahmow said...

Thank you, Fiona. Yes, that is a velvety paper;I love it for printing.

Abigail Thomas said...

Nice embossing; would love to play with that at some point. Well done Fiona.

gillianneish said...

Hi Fiona.
I meant to let you know ages ago that your book had arrived in Scotland. It is beautiful. I have still a week of teaching to complete before the summer break, but starting to build momentum towards getting my books created too. Well done and thank you.