Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lark Books Call for Submnissions

Lark Books is putting together another book of handmade books, it is called "Showcase 500 Handmade Books" and is curated by Julie Chen. Here is the link to the submission page  I haven't started making my books for the exchange yet, it helps (me) to have a deadline so now I have one, 2nd August.


ronnie said...

thanks for posting this info gail - I'm sure many BAO folk will be VERY interested in applying - like yourself (and numerous other BAO peeps) I was fortunate to have work included in the previous lark books volume (500 handmade books) - wouldn't it be lovely if some BAO pieces were selected for the next book!

Julie Russell-Steuart said...

Very very tempting...and I have no idea if I can make it, but it is a very good push. I hope to update everyone on my journey at a good point in time!