Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Group 7 Update from "Rowing Boat"

Group 7! I was excited to open my first book from Gene Epstein a few days ago. A lovely take on "Delicate." Thanks, Gene. Will you post a photo of your book here?

As for me:

I've been pondering and avoiding the "Rowing Boat" Book Art Object project for months now caught up on the boat structure. I know I'm missing something obvious, but after trolling for boat making directions--- finding cute ones for real row boats and origami instructions for boat-like structures--- and making clumsy clay and foam core structures, I've determined to follow my attraction to the abstract notion of a vessel. This decision is based on the stash of floral wire and wrap I found in a drawer and the lessening of frustration experienced while making these. On the spiritual front, it is pleasurably meaningful to shape them between the palms of my hands.

My next step is to tear into the old journals. In doing this, I find passages that are worth "sending out to dry" but which don't work with the original structure, which is a coptic bound book. Doing this means cutting up pages and getting any narrative out of order. Instead, I'm counting on my old favorite, the meander, so that lucky readers will get one page, front and back. I find I do want to send even a fragment of a story rather than the rain of words I thought would "do."

The covers are chipboard covered with paste paper scraps from the yards of same I've been making this summer.

More and more soon. They are coming.


Arzigogolare said...

How exciting to hear we already have Gene's book to look forward to (I am also part of Group 7). It looks as though you're making good progress with yours... I often find myself beginning with a fairly literal approach/concept as well, but eventually work my way toward something more abstract.

I must admit that I have been luxuriating in the percolation/experimentation phase for my title (and very much enjoying the relaxed pace for a change); it's nice to have time to let ideas grow & evolve naturally. I do hope to have something to show soon. In the meanwhile, thanks for the glimpses & glimmers of your book...the journal pages sound intriguing.

- Lisa

Sending Pages Out to Dry said...

Thanks, Lisa. I'm looking forward now to finishing. I've selected pages from a journal written in 1992 when I was fresh out of grad school, back in Atlanta and temping at the local soda company. I've tried to choose a page for each boat that is obviously part of a whole yet has its own punchline. It's been an interesting read. A professor once told me I was at my best when bitchy. These pages will attest to that.

Abigail Thomas said...

Looks interesting! Cannot wait to see more.

Gene said...

This is my first ever post on a blog. Glad some of you have gotten the book and like it. Couldn't figure out how to post a photo though. Gene