Thursday, May 17, 2012


I am very sorry about previous post.  I was trying to post to my personal blog and Blogger decided to post here instead.  I don't know how to delete the previous post.  To keep this on topic, I am posting a couple of photos of a 1915 Chandler and Price Press that I just refurbished.  I printed a test plate last week and plan to print the title of my BAO book on this.  I've only had one letter press class, but I am getting hooked on ink and grease and looking forward to more.  This  press is in the Panama Publishing Museum in St. Andrews Florida.


ronnie said...

dear celeste - as you were keen to have it disappeared - I did the honours with your previous post..... all gone!

(we C&P gals have to stick together after all.... my press looks a bit older and heavier than your beauty - and its not yet been restored....but still we have fun together....hope your C&P treats you well!)

Paper Chipmunk (aka Ellen) said...

As one who has hit "publish" when I'd meant to hit "save draft" on my own blog, I feel much empathy. Actually, I'm sure anyone who's ever blogged feels empathy. These things happen, alas.

And your press looks marvelous!