Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Working on "Dust" - 4th edition Group 4

Dear all, I find myself very inspired by the title and subject of my book art object: Dust. I'm almost ready with the concept and the design, and I've written a poem that will get a place in the book. The text will be letterpress printed. I'm still looking for the right paper, experimenting with different sorts and qualities. On my *new* blog on, I've published a few of the photographs I'll probably use in some or other form.
Here's another one:

Bertie (aka Kophieps), Group 4


rObfOs said...

I can only imagine it is quite challenging getting lovely images of dust like the ones shown here and on your blog! Lovely work, Bertie.

ronnie said...

what an intriguing image.....

gillianneish said...

Hi Bertie

i am in group 4 and my title is 'When Memory Fades' .

A lot like dust i think !