Monday, April 23, 2012

Things to consider when finishing your edition

I am so impressed by the fact that some people are already finishing their editions when I haven't even begun mine yet... and the receipt of the first book destined for Sarah Bodman made me realise that there are probably some things you need to think about when sending me Sarah's copies.

Firstly, Sarah is likely to exhibit our work at some point so it will be very helpful is you can include with your work a label with your details and edition details on it, attached to the book in some way (or at least included in the wrappings) i.e. your name and contact details, the title of the book, your group number, when you finished it, edition number etc. 

Secondly, it would also be good to include some biographical information as well, just in case Sarah puts together a catalogue i.e. country of residence, a CV/resume and an artists' statement.

Lastly, I am easily confused!  It would help me greatly if you can indicate in the package that you ARE sending me Sarah's copy of your book, just so that I don't have to work it out for myself!  Some of you who are in my groups will obviously be sending me TWO copies of your book: one for me and one for Sarah Bodman.

Many thanks!

p.s. totally spurious photo... it's actually a shot from Coffs Harbour marina where we went walking over the Easter holidays and has NO relation to BAO or my intended editions... but blog posts look SO much better with a picture!


paperworker said...

Well, Sara, I just happened to do most of what you requested when I posted my book to you -- there is a tag in a pocket on the inside cover of the book with the requested details, but you won't see it until the book is opened. I also included a bio sheet with project/book descriptions and some contact info. BUT, I didn't indicate to you that this was Sarah's copy, so apologies, but hopefully you'll figure it out without too much trouble.
Lynn Skordal (paperworker)
Group 2, #88 The Clearing

Paper Chipmunk (aka Ellen) said...

Thanks for the good pointers. And I'm also relieved to know I'm not the only one still in the planning stages!

gillianneish said...

because Sarah is in Bristol it would be way cheaper for me to send it there rather than Australia.

Is this a strict No No ?

I understand if this would upset your system.