Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Taking BAO Offline in Brisbane

On Monday, the four of us pictured below, having discovered we are all living in Brisbane (or very close) finally coordinated for lunch. Naturally we chose a venue with both food and books, the Riverbend Bookshop & Cafe in Bulimba.

L-R standing Helen Malone, Robyn Foster
sitting Amanda Watson-Will, Jack Oudyn

To me, it felt like a meeting with old friends right from the start. We of course talked artists books, asked each other a few "how did you do that?" questions we'd been saving for the day and even had a little round of Show and Tell.

I left feeling extremely lucky to be one of the first to see Helen's beautifully completed "That Unbearable Lightness" and the prototype of Jack's "Transparent". (All of you in Helen and Jack's groups  who will be receiving copies of these have a treat in store!). Robyn generously gave us each a handmade bookmark. You can see mine below - in use immediately! Thank-you Robyn!

Bookmark by Robyn Foster

I think I can safely say that everyone enjoyed the time as much as I did, given that we have already scheduled another get-together once the travellers among us (Helen and I) return. If there is anyone else nearby who would like to join us next time, just let us know.


rObfOs said...

Hi Amanda,
thanks for posting about our lunch. I must concur, it was lovely to meet in a format other than online, to get a sense of the people behind the books, and what a treat to handle each other's works and get a physical sense of the wonder of these creations. I would certainly encourage BAOer's to embrace the opportunity of meeting others in their locale if the opportunity arises for them. Look forward to hearing your travel tales when you return.

Sara Bowen said...

How lovely! I hope one day I may get up to Brisbane and join you... Sara x

Helen M said...

Thanks for posting about our meeting, Amanda, it was delightful to meet such lovely like-minded people.