Friday, April 6, 2012


When I came across these links in an article about Brooklyn (because a big piece of my heart is still there!) I did think all you BAOers would like to see them. Then I thought perhaps I shouldn't get too side-tracked from our current work.
So I did send emails to a few of you and Sara came back, saying they'd be lovely up here, for all of you (and other lurkers) to read.
But I must warn spillable liquids as you read, because mopping up messy keyboards is a waste of time, right? 

And this is an interview with the women. Damn! I wish I'd known about them when I was in Brooklyn!

Dinah groups 4 and 10


The Elephant's Child said...

So much talent. So much beauty. There should be more of both.

rObfOs said...

Thanks for sharing the links Dinah, great to see what others out there are creating.

ersi marina said...

I've been drooling over my keyboard in spite of your wise warning :) A nice Easter present, I enjoyed it very much, thanks!