Sunday, March 4, 2012

X Exercises for Kurt Johannessen - Sarah Bodman

Sarah Bodman's follow up Kurt Johannessen Book. Taken from the UWE website:

Sarah Bodman made her first artist’s book tribute to 
Kurt Johannessen after Tanya Peixoto introduced her to his books at bookartbookshop.

She produced ‘An Exercise for Kurt Johannessen’ in 2010, in tribute to his book 
‘Exercises’. The titles of the 100 short stories she wrote and buried for her exercise, have since been taken up by BookArtObject an international book arts group, founded in Australia by Sara Bowen, with 84 artists currently making a book using one of Sarah’s short story titles.

As it is now the 10th anniversary of bookartbookshop in February 2012, and the celebrations are based on theme of: x or 
what is to be done? Sarah asked Kurt Johannessen if she could select a further 10 (x) exercises from his artist’s book to carry out.

The result is 
‘X Exercises for Kurt Johannessen’ an image only artist’s book, published as a free download, DIY self-assembly book on 21.02.2012. The exercises can be identified through reading the texts in Kurt Johannessen’s ‘Exercises’Sarah has made her book as a free PDF download for you to print out and assemble yourself, you will need 4 sheets of A4 paper and a stapler.

Download it here.


Sara Bowen said...

Although if you are a BAO participant, Sarah will be printing one off specially for you in due course!

Abigail Thomas said...

Ah this is the one she meant? Ok, sorry, didn't realise.