Thursday, March 22, 2012

Update - and a question!

There are only 7 5 titles remaining and they are:

#23 Young Offenders
#44 Security
#52 Silicon Valley
#61 Can you pin your hopes on?
#62 Vindication
#72 The Spoiler
#90 True Grit

A big thank you to all the brave souls who have taken on a second - and in some cases third! - title, and to everyone who has spread the word about the project and attracted new applications. We're within sight of finding artists for all 100 titles, which is amazing!

And another piece of good news for Edition Three artists: our box of books for Jeanette Winterson arrived safely in London and was forwarded on to her a few weeks ago. I was having heart failure because I hadn't received confirmation of the box's arrival, but it turned out that my contact at the publishing company had changed jobs and our project didn't make it into the handover information. Never mind, it's definitely there, and I hope Ms Winterson likes her books.

Lastly my question, which is for the Aussie contingent... does anyone know where I could get hold of some broken-down horses' bridles? I need them to complete my contribution to Edition Two (which is shockingly late, I know...) and I have drawn a big fat zero with local horse-y people and with local horse-y groups. I'm late enough already and I don't want to have to re-think the whole darned thing at this late stage! If you have any ideas, please send me an email.


ronnie said...

only 7 titles left? wahoo! fingers crossed that the 100 mark is reached.....

ps I'll ask around about bridles (as my mind is imaging ALL sorts of things.... )

Soewn Earth said...

Well I suppose as there are only 7 left I could do no 44 'security' as long as you dont mind a very loose definition of edition. xte

Abigail Thomas said...

Glad the books got there safely. Hope she enjoys them.

Ampersand Duck said...

I just facebooked your question about bridles, and my lovely horsey cousin has bins full of them. I'm going to connect you both directly by email.