Sunday, March 18, 2012

News Update

Hearty (well actually slightly wobbly) apologies from me for delays in doing administration recently - there's a particularly nasty virus going around local schools and I managed to pick it up. Just to indicate how bad it was, I spent 5 days flat out (bed, sofa, bed again) and in all that time I couldn't even pick up a book, never mind read it! Anyway, I'm back on my feet again and have finally managed to put the finishing touches to Groups Nine, Ten, Eleven and Twelve.

If you've been chaffing at the bit and wanting to get involved with your group you should find at least one email from me sitting in your Inbox giving you the contact details of your fellow group members, and those of you waiting to let rip on the blog will also (hopefully!) find an automated email from Blogger/Google (so check you Junk mail folder too) with a clickable invitation to join the blog.

Meanwhile, what about those statistics? 89 out of 100 titles have currently been adopted by a lovely artist, and I've just sent out emails to another few people who have expresssed an interest in joining BookArtObject. If you are keen to do a second - or even third - title, contact me for an up-to-date list of the remaining titles.

Thanks for your patience and who knows, soon I may even get round to posting images of my own work! Meanwhile I'm thoroughly enjoying watching it all unfold.


Abigail Thomas said...

Nasty when you are ill like that. Hope you continue to feel better. I too was laid out for 3 days last week; annoying isn't it when you can't even read??

dinahmow said...

Sara,I can't open the win.dat file you sent last night.
Could you send it again as a Word. doc attachment please?
(I'm assuming it has our new Group 10 member's details)