Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Getting There

As a new participant of 
Book Art Object 
once I realised the enormity of what I had
taken on with this project
(with regard working out a suitable process  and
format to making a reasonable edition of handmade books)
I have spent many hours pondering ideas, concepts,
processes, logistics and materials.
What materials can I post worldwide?
What size is achievable, managable and postable?
How taxing do I want to make the process?
What do I want to communicate with this?
What materials can I afford to make each piece of reasonable quality ?
 How do I make a dozen copies, all fairly identical?
Will my ideas work with my chosen materials?
What skills can I use to impart a sense of me?
Would I be happy to receive what I am producing?

All in all, all this thinking and mucking around 
has been an enjoyable and extremely
worthwhile part of the project for me 
(hand to heart - I can honestly say this has
been an active process and not another act of blatant procrastination).
Now I feel I have come to a place where 
my ideas have struck a harmony with my intended format
so that I can now embark with confidence on physically creating
an edition of books I will be content in sending
out to the Universe at large.

I realise of course as I write 
that while I am looking forward to creating this edition 
there are still many hours of sweat and toil,
frustration and elation ahead of me.


dinahmow said...

It's not just newcomers who have such demons and delights competing for head-space!
But I like your approach and intriguing picture.

Helen M said...

Well done Robyn, I'm looking forward to seeing the next stage.

Unknown said...

After reading your very wise questions about the process and your ability to respond, I can only say one thing: You are brave!

All the members of Book Art Object are, because demons and delights can both be so frightening :)

Jacobus (Jack) Oudyn said...

Robyn has described the process that I am still grappling with perfectly. This gives me more courage to proceed with my beginnings and get a bit of a wriggle on. This site is so helpful you have no idea.

rObfOs said...

Thanks everyone, as most of my ideas and realisations have come from comments and conversations generated by other BAOers, I have to agree with Jack on the helpfulness of the group who form the heart of this project.

Leslie said...

Hi Robyn,

I believe our paths have crossed before, but it is nice to share Seth's book project with you.


Abigail Thomas said...

Yeah it's not just the newbies that think like this! I am looking forward to more sneaky snaps of what you are making.