Thursday, March 22, 2012

Clarification re Edition Variations

Following an enquiry and request for clarification, the administrators had a group cyberspace pow-wow and wanted to share with you all how we are viewing the use of the Variant Edition (VE) or Edition Variant (EV) term discussed a wee bit earlier here.

We have agreed the term VE (or EV) would NOT be used to describe the small variations that appear as a result of books being handmade.

For example my 'a subversive stitch' books are machine stitched and the lines are not always exactly the same. Or there could be slightly less pressure in a print, slightly different depth of colour, slight variation in burning patterns, typewriters etc.

The term VE (or EV) WOULD be used to describe a conscious or deliberate decision by the maker to change an element, a colour of a technique within an edition.

For example, my 'a subversive stitch' books are all stitched in red; however, if I chose to do one or two in blue then they should be noted as VE.

Hoping that helps...

Fiona (on behalf of the team!)

And this photo has nothing whatsoever to do with this post - I just like seeing photos on posts!

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rObfOs said...

Thanks for taking the time to work this out. I think it clarifies it all very nicely.