Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Alica Bailey (Group 8) introduction

I learned about BookArtObject after curating Sara Bowen’s work into an exhibition. She has since interviewed me, so learning more about me is but a click away: http://bookartobject.blogspot.com/2011/11/artists-books-and-interviews-2-alicia.html

The interview does not go into my personal history and I have been reading some of the other bios that do so here is a bit more about that. I have always lived in Colorado, a state in the western US that is larger than all four countries of the UK combined. The state has a very diverse geography so although I’ve not lived too far from home, over the course of my life I have lived in some very different ways. I grew up in the state’s larges city, located on the plains with views of the mountains but not part of the mountains.

After college I moved to a remote town with a population of 125 (this population has since grown to 400 or so) of the state in a mountainous and sparsely populated region. Indeed, Lake City is in the county with the most ‘roadless space’ in the conterminous United States. Instead of looking AT the mountains I was living IN the mountains and the two experiences are very different. This is just one example of dozens of the how differently I navigated my life after I moved.

These differences impacted my studio work in ways that have become more obvious to me with the passage of time. Obvious isn’t the same thing as describable or easy to articulate in written form. The closest I can come is to say that I seem able to scrutinize the minutia of physical spaces at the exact same moment as I am looking skyward. This dual vision extends beyond physical spaces to those murky spiritual, intellectual, psychological and emotional ones that are even more difficult to speak or write about.

In my studio work I employ structural elements such as openings both physical and implied, varying levels of transparency, layering and interactivity . I do not work in the book form all the time, but because the aforementioned elements are an integral part of that form, my ideas and expressions often find their place in book form.

After 18 years I moved back to my home city of Denver where I continue my studio work and also am owner/director at Abecedarian Gallery, a space with an ongoing emphasis on artists’ books.

I have a studio blog: http://imaginationavigation.wordpress.com/
and website (which I hope you wait another couple weeks to visit as the upgrade many months in the making is days away from going live)

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rObfOs said...

Hi Alicia, so interesting to hear your story from the other side of the globe and read about your love of the book format. Thanks for adding all the links to your blog and your interview with Sarah. Very intrigued by some of the objects you use to convey personal meanings (ie earwax and hair).