Monday, February 27, 2012

Remaining titles and comments

Dear All,

Only a few titles remain! Just so you know what's available, here's a list:

#2 Another Old Lady
#14 Oil
#23 Young Offenders
#25 The World Turns
#26 197 Years
#44 Security
#52 Silicon Valley
#61 Can you pin your hopes on?
#62 Vindication
#68 Just like the movies
#72 The spoiler
#82 Painting by numbers
#90 True grit
#98 Deirdre

And by the way, I've had to switch word verification back on again... sorry! As blog "owner" I'm the lucky duck who gets the spam email comments, and the numbers have SOARED since I switched it off, so apologies if you find the captcha software annoying but I don't want this blog targeted by spammers as it will put people off from reading it and I don't think any of us want that.


ronnie said...

I think its better to have our eyes squished up trying to make out the captcha words rather than having our brain ooze out our ears from spam-a-lot

(ps will you think me totally mad if I put my hands up for a third title? 'the world turns' is singing my tune.... will email (no spam included) xx

Amanda said...

Isn't Sarah lovely! What an effort - folding and posting off 100 babies!

Fiona Dempster said...

I have sent this list out to a few other book-y friends in the hope they might join in and get us over the line for 100! No worries re spam things; just annoying how the trickiness of deciphering those words has increased exponentially...

Abigail Thomas said...

ha! mad Ronnie? yes just a bit. ;)