Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Gail Group 4 Pulp Fiction

I have just started working on my ideas for pulp fiction and have "almost" decided to limit the text to the word 'Fiction' produced in several different ways from casting, pulp painting watermark and a few others.

My thoughts are to sew these into a case/cover made from a 'sweet valley high' book. My daughter got carried away when she discovered Ebay and has bought hundreds of them, including several double-ups and they definitely can be described as pulp fiction!. My only concern is with the copyright considerations can I use the covers as is? Would it be more acceptable to gesso over the text or to make new covers?

The other thing I'm trying to work out is the size. The books are 10 cm wide by about 18 high. My first mockups are 5 x 10 cm and 6 x 10 cm but now I'm thinking bigger so that they'll be more like 10 x 16 cm I would get three per A4 page so not too many dips for 20 copies.


Anna Mavromatis said...

Gail, using the covers for your own work falls under the category called "appropriation", which is absolutely fine and permissible; reproducing others' work and incorporating it into your own becomes a copyright violation.
Anyway, your work seems to be flying and Pulp Fiction is going to have soon a new face! All the best!

ronnie said...

I was about to post almost the same info anna - I often use bits and bobs in collage - and lots of old books in my works - I have always been assured that its perfectly fine to do so - but that scanning/modifying etc is not so OK (but there are of course exceptions) - you're certinaly getting a wriggle on gail! (ps I used to have cupboard loads of 'sweet valley high' pulp fiction - oh the shame, the shame!)

papergail said...

thanks Ronnie and Anna, now to actually make something!

Barbara Simler said...

I'd been wondering, too, about using book covers. It's good to know what is/isn't covered under copyright.