Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Flickr is Flickering

FYI, Flickr is having a little problem at the moment, hence the error message "Flickr Error: Invalid API Key (Key has expired)" you can see where our photostream ought to be. I THINK it's something they have to deal with instead of us, but I'm waiting for an email back from their Help Desk which may take a while. So in the meantime please don't try to upload photos to the group's Flickr photostream as I am not sure what will happen to them!


Vicki said...

I just went on to BAO's Flickr photostream and all looks good from this end. Maybe it is just the widget on the blog that is having problems.

Angela said...

Hello. I've had a play and but the Flickr badge back on.

I went to this link which generates the HTML Code for the Flickr Badge:

And just created a new badge. I've added it as a HTML Widget on the Blog.

dinahmow said...

Thank you, Angela. It looks "live" on my page. Everyone - scroll down for the general page.But even if you click any of the most recent links you will[should] get to Flickr.