Wednesday, February 1, 2012

figs and workshops

 Looks like a paper bag tree but these little Japanese bags should keep the fruit away from the voracious flying foxes and hopefully the dreaded fruit fly as well. So far so good but as we've only had a few beautifully ripe and sweet figs, I don't want to count my figs before I eat them. The wet weather seems to agree with them but we need some dry to help them ripen.
Went to a printmaking workshop with Wim de Vos today and it was lovely being at the other end of the process for a change. Didn't help me resolve some of my own personal artist book problems but I wasn't really thinking seriously about using printmaking for this. A nice fresh, not too precious approach was just what the doctor ordered and I went home a happy man. Another workshop with Glen Skein on Friday should finish off the week magically. The workshops at Logan Regional Art Gallery are excellent - what a great workshop area. I'm sure the locals don't appreciate just how lucky they are. The altered book exhibition was also wonderful (I'm sure RoFOs  will be beside herself).  After what for me was a great desert of artist book exhibitions, all of a sudden, there are heaps. If this week doesn't get me ready for Sydney and Picasso, then I'm not ever going to get inspired. I'm sure that won't be the case.


rObfOs said...

Am so glad to hear you enjoyed yourself yesterday Jack. Am really looking forward to sharing Glen Skein's workshop with you tomorrow, and YES I am looking forward to seeing other people's altered books!

Sara Bowen said...

Ooh those figs look lovely! We've got ripe sandpaper figs at the moment, but we've left them to the birds as the trees are inaccessible (especially in the rain!); our "proper" fig trees are too small to produce fruit, but one day I shall eat my own... Enjoy the Glen Skien workshop! I did one of his on books and boxes a few years ago in Sydney: he's such a lovely man, and so self-effacing!

Sending Pages Out to Dry said...

We lose ours to birds and squirrels (and a few neighbors). I wonder if the little bags would keep any of those pests away!