Monday, January 23, 2012

Work In Progress, Angela Callanan, Group 3

When IAm AnOld Lady - 1st Mock Up

To those who don't know me I suppose I better introduce myself before I start rambling ;-) I am Angela Callanan (Blog) and I have been part of Book Art Object since the beginning when I first found this post on Sara Bowen's Blog. I am in Group 3 and have chosen - There Was an Old Lady

When I Am An Old Lady - 1st Mock Up

Last weekend I finalised the text for my book and made my first mock-up. I have a good idea what the images are going to be but have yet to make them. I am afraid I totally jumped the gun with this one. Not long after Sara first posted the suggestion that we may use Sarah Bodman's book [Sept 2011?] I started on ideas for the book. Again with BAO this book has consolidated ideas that have been 'floating' for months perhaps even years. When I have finalised the text I usually make a small mock up of the signature on rubbish paper as I call it. This gives me an idea of imposition and layout [left of picture]. I try to get the text flowing as I want with a nice balance of images and text. The text for this book (as for the last one) was originally scrawled on a notebook I keep by my bed. It came to me gradually and some of it is a bit illegible because if I think of something in the middle of the night I don't bother turning on the light - I just write it and hope I can make sense of it in the morning [Arzigogolare - aka Lisa McGarry has posted a brilliant poem about this on my Blog]. Well last weekend I took the scrawls written down at various dates and put them together. This paper mock up of the signature says final because I have finalised the text. This scruffy signature is always really important. I number the pages in pencil even though there will be no numbers in the final book and it really helps me with imposition and when printing.

It probably looks like I am well underway but I have a long way to go. I am not going to use the format I made in the mock up. So format wise I am back at square one. The next part of the process may take a long time. I  had a complete 'cover crisis' on the last project which lasted about a month when I was totally lost. I have been experimenting a lot with covers. I did the same on the last project and have yet to post pictures and details of my 'crisis' from that project.

When I Am An Old Lady - 1st Mock Up

For this mock up I did all the text on my trusty Silver-Reed Silverette and am considering perhaps typing the whole edition, but there are problems  - specifically bad marks on the paper from the metal bit that holds the paper tight against the roller (not sure what its called). I know you can 'butcher' your typewriter to loosen this and prevent the marks but I am not going to do this to my 'precious'. I was told about a Book Typewriter by someone in the Yahoo Typewriter Group but they are like hen's teeth apparently.

I made the cover by gluing bookcloth to grey card - pressing it and then cutting it to size. I used a corner cutter to get the round edges.  I used Lambeth drawing cartridge for the signature. It took the typed text quite well - not all papers do. The stitch I used was one I was going to use on the last project but didn't [picture below]. Anyway,  I don't like the the cover - its a bit flimsy and I can't get a good finish. Even with a lot of tweaking and refining I am not sure I will with this format. So its back to the drawing board. The images will be done with rubber stamps again. I just have to decide how I will do the text.  So you know what the title is and you know what I'm 'toying' with ;-)


Ama Bolton said...

Thank you Angela; this is so interesting and I'm impressed by how much work you've already done on your book. Like you, I always make a mock-up to ensure getting the right text or picture on the right page, and like you I often write in the dark, in bed or on the overnight coach to Glasgow or in a theatre or cinema. I love your blog, rich in birds and words. And thank you for your welcome to the project; I'm really enjoying being part of this community.

Angela said...

Thanks Ama. There are quite a lot of birds & typewriters on my blog :-) I have never written in the cinema - that's a new one on me. It sounds like you are quite immersed in the project if you are dreaming about it. Looking forward to seeing you work in progress and pictures of your Adana if you have them.

dinahmow said...

Once again, Angela is out of the blocks and leading the field!
Yes, I made an early start after reading Sarah Bodman's piece about the 100 stories. I was already some way into "Just Add Water" for my own amusement when BAO put out the call. And now I'm doing 2 books! Certifiably nuts-that's me!

Paper Chipmunk (aka Ellen) said...

Thanks for the post, Angela. I love to see how you work. And marvel at what you can do with an eraser! I'm looking forward to seeing how the illustrations develop as well. I always find your covers inspiring--I'm such a cover-phobe myself. I hope you do share more of your process with that (both this project and last).

I'm feeling lazy--I'm still at the scrawling ideas in bed stage myself. Why is it that the best texts always seem to come just before sleep?

Di--we both must be certifiably nuts. I decided to do two as well!

Barbara Simler said...

Thanks for the post on your book, Angela. It's fun to see how your work is progressing. I'm in your group, I think, so I'll get to see the final work -- can't wait!

ronnie said...

wooo hoo! I get to have another 'angela' - I'm going to be the lucky BAO person to have all three of your BAO offerings angela - too cool (love those typewriters!)

The Elephant's Child said...

This is exciting to watch from the sidelines. Thank you.

Vicki said...

Thanks for sharing is always so interesting to hear how others approach the creative task. I too have been formulating the text to my book via the pad by the bed is slowly coming together although I still have yet to dream up the construction and imagery...maybe tonight!!!

Angela said...

I think it looks like I am more ahead than I am. If I have another cover crisis it could take months! I don't think I could cope with 2 books Di - yes you are certifiable ;-) [you too Ellen!]

Ellen I have all the photos of my 'cover crisis' I just need to write up a blog post about it. It only took me 7 months.

Welcome Barbara - I really like your title - Ghosts. Looking forward to seeing your work too. The paper making pictures on your blog look great - love the press :-)

And I will have 3 Ronnies! Just realised that now you pointed it out. Hoorah!

Glad you're continuing to follow the process and enjoy it Elephant's Child. Its nice to have you around. I love checking out the fabulous birds you have on your blog.

Vicki it would be great if the idea for the construction came to me in a dream. If I ask for inspiration just before I drop off maybe?

Its all very exciting - sharing all these processes and ideas :-)

Paper Chipmunk (aka Ellen) said...

Seven months? Confirmation why I fear covers! Oh dear.

Angela said...

Oops! Sorry Ellen. What I meant was it will have taken me nearly 7 months to get round to writing the blog post about my cover crisis. The crisis itself lasted a month. Covers are not evil ;-) No need to fear them. Please share your phobia here so we can help :-)

Arzigogolare said...

I'm new to BookArtObject this year, and am really enjoying posts like yours, Angela, in which the process is shared. It's incredible to think how much experimentation & frustration we can potentially go through on the way to completing a final book. While the goal is usually to keep the nitty gritty of the process from the reader, it is helpful to know that experiencing 'setbacks' & complications in the making phase is perfectly natural. Thanks for sharing, and I look forward to continuing to follow your progess...

Abigail Thomas said...

I'm doing 2 too; mad woman me. Anyway, glad you have made a start, and what a start! I think I need to make a start....... eek!

Paper Chipmunk (aka Ellen) said...

Well that's a relief Angela. Still, a month is long enough!

Some of my cover phobia is a practical, physical thing having to do with my unsteady hands and easily confused brain, especially when it comes to cloth covers (which I love).