Sunday, January 8, 2012

Researching wolf mythology.

Reminded of the story about the Fenrir Wolf in norse mythology, I came across some useful links .The rope they finally bound Fenrir with was called Gleipner.
Gleipner was made of six elements, and was strong enough to hold the gigantic wolf down.
The six elements were:
1.The fish`s breath
2.A womans beard
3.A Birds spit
4.A Mountains roots
5.The sound of Cat-paws
6.A Bears tendons(sinews)

All elements being of a supposedly non-excitent nature,all the same it had the power to tie the wolf down..

The story is interesting on many levels, so I certainly can recommend some googling on it.

Here are two trial-proofs I made of hybrid Wolves, tied with ropes.I am testing out techniques like lithography mixed with Moku Hanga woodblock. I am also researching what paper to use, and this ones are printed on a rather thin watercolour-paper.Probably not what I wil be landing on in the end.


Sara Bowen said...

Hi Elisabeth, you've been busy! My daughter has been studying the myth at school so it is interesting to see it here too. I am reminded of the English "impossibility poems" like "Scarborough Fair"...

Aine Scannell said...

Hi there E

Love the story about the Fenrir Wolf - I think it is a great narrative to play around with in terms of imagery and ideas and forms for the book.

I am still looking around for my springboard. This time around I am putting all my material, as I go along, in a blog "page' I have set up on my artists books blog

Elisabeth Omdahl said...

Hi,Sara. Thanks for assosiation to poems.I will check it out!

Angela said...

I love this. The six elements could be inspiration for more books :-) The etchings look great. I was already excited about this project and now I am excited even more. I love seeing work in progress and the way people's minds work.

Angela said...

p.s. Aine Etchedspine looks great. How have you done this layout?

Elisabeth Omdahl said...

Yes I found that page just the other day!Looking forward to following, I always find the research process interesting.I don`t think it will "spoil the surprise" for the actual book!!!! I like to follow the journeys details, even if the end result is something complete different from the start.

Elisabeth Omdahl said...

Yes the six elements was a joy to discover.Lots of possibilities there!

Elisabeth Omdahl said...

Hi again,Sara.
I checked out Scarborough Fair and found this wonderful site with Scottish song lyrics.Thank you! I link to it here for others to see.