Sunday, January 29, 2012

More Lazy Dog than Quick Brown Fox

"The Missing Typewriter Key"

A lot of thought processes going on
but not a lot of activity, yet.

Very hard to play with paper when everything
is sooooooo damp.
It tears instead of cuts and is all limp instead
of nice and pert and glue just will not dry.
No illustration yet.
Have been experimenting with different
thicknesses of paper, different kinds of text
and flag folds, but don't know if this is
where I will end up.
As I am new to making book editions, 
I'm being mindful that what I do will be 
achievable as an edition,and also something that 
I will be proud for others have in their possession.


ronnie said...

yes robyn - that's the BAO dilemma - striking a happy medium between what's achievable and practical as an edition with what fully expresses your vision - so that you feel happy to add your piece into the BAO mix........ its certainly something that has always been upper most in my thoughts...... mind you I haven't even begun to think about my BAO project (and I think I've put my hand up for 2 of 'em...... be prepared to wait!)

rObfOs said...

nothing like a bit of pressure to bring out the best creatively, hey, Ronnie!? (funny how often the pressure is self inflicted, too!)

Fiona Dempster said...

I know that recipe of water + paper; never a real happy mix! As Ronnie says and you say - the balnce, the balne! Enjoy the exploration.

Barbara Simler said...

I know what you mean about editions, Robyn, as this is my first time at doing an edition, too. I find myself thinking "Oooh, I could do this" but then remembering that I have to replicate what I do many times. It's an interesting challenge. Happy exploring (and I hope your paper gets drier soon).

Helen M said...

Great to see your progress Robyn. I've been going through the same thing as I'd only ever done an edition of 5 before. There are so many things to take into consideration with an edition of 15and I've had to change my initial thoughts which were too ambitious and suited to a unique piece. But it's a great exercise and challenge and I've learnt a lot from it already.

Helen M said...
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Jack Oudyn said...

As mainly a maker of "one offs" I have to agree Robyn, making an edition does throw in a lot more considerations. I've had a break from exploring media and paper and now exploring images. How they will end up in a book is only a vague idea but I'm sure it will come together. I find it hard to think of too many problems all at once and like to break the job up into smaller chunks. And even then it's a bit confusing.But that's probably me. At least I feel as though I've made a small start.