Friday, January 13, 2012


I thought I'd write a short piece about this as some of the newcomers may not be aware of the conditions of entry.

The Libris Awards, while a wonderful opportunity for book artists across many genres, is open only to residents of Australia.

What this means, in terms of a BAO group submission, is that the overseas players would miss out and it would not be a true group exhibit. But individual submissions of work from one of the groups, provided  the artist is a resident of at least 12 months  here, would be accepted.

And the next point is a bit of a "blank stare" as a date has not been set! This is from an email sent from Artspace last week in response to my query about submission dates:

We have decided to move the dates of the next Libris Awards.
We are awaiting the arrival of our next Director to set the dates for sure.  But to stay up to date with any news, please keep an eye on our

September seems likely.

dinahmow group #4


Sara Bowen said...

Actually, I didn't realise the Libris Awards are only open to Australian artists! Bother. Sorry about that, folks. It would be lovely to hear about other shows in the "Opportunities" page.

ronnie said...

I think that the EGAG national book award is actually an international affair .... next time it comes around is 2013.... which might make it a possibility for many BAO folk -

Angela said...

How does this affect our deadline? I thought we were working towards Libris?

Ampersand Duck said...

Haaa ha ha I have a vision of you going to every opening, Di, staring at the staff until they capitulate and give you details. Stay vigilant :)