Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Introduction - Penny Peckham, Edition Four, Group 6

With These Hands 2010

I discovered Book Art Object through Ampersand Duck's blog, which I've been following (quietly) since I encountered her in 2008 at Mackay's Artist's Book Forum. (We were both staying at Gecko, though I'm not sure that you'll remember me...the quiet one of the breakfast group.) At that stage I had become interested in artist's books but had made only one or two. I have had a desire to be involved in Book Art Object because art and text come together (notice the title of my blog and a 2011 solo exhibition - Word & Image!!) A lot of my work uses text as I love reading and writing as much as I love making art. I have a background in Art History (could never decide between English or Art History, between making art or writing about it) and so some of my work makes reference to Art History, particularly as it relates to women - as both subject and artist. I work primarily with linocuts, as well as monoprints, hand-cut rubber stamps, collagraphs...generally very hand-made and low-tech. I'm planning to try kitchen-sink lithography soon...it's amazing what you can learn to do on the internet! I don't have a press at home so often print linocuts by hand on light handmade papers such as Unryushi, but I do also work at the Australian Print Workshop access studio. I live in the inner northern suburbs of Melbourne and am in Group Six. The title I'll be working with is A girl waiting.

With These Hands 2010

A couple of images of a book of linocuts.


Vicki said...

Welcome Penny, love the cover of your book, the domestic arts has always interested me and since moving to Iceland knitting is a new skill I have been teaching myself.

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Elisabeth Omdahl said...

Happy to be in your group!


Angela said...

Welcome Penny sorry I missed your post. It got so busy on here it got buried. I've added the link to your new post. The photos are gorgeous, lovely books.

Moon and Hare said...

Hi Penny, it's great to find out more about you and your work. Thanks for the reference about kitchen sink litho -- I hadn't heard about that, and I'd like to try it out. It's always good to hear about less toxic ways to do printmaking. In case anyone else is interested in kitchen sink lithography, here is the link to a video demo, plus written instructions:

pennypeckham said...

Thanks for that Vicki. Ah yes, knitting...learnt from my mother as a young teenager and I still do some, although not so much these days. I made quite a body of work (linocut prints) a few years ago, based upon things I'd knitted.

pennypeckham said...

Hi Elizabeth,

I'm pleased to be in your group. Love what I saw on your website.


pennypeckham said...

Thank you Angela. I'm very impressed with the detailed rubber stamps you can cut!

Ampersand Duck said...

Hi Penny! I'm like Angela, I missed your post in the amazing onslaught of posts until my feedreader highlighted you as unread!

Welcome! I'm so chuffed that you joined up (and that we both survived that hostel! Man, I was in a shared 6-person dorm with some mining gals and it was something I'll never forget).

I'll look forward to seeing your work! And everyone elses... isn't this all amazing!